Sunday, July 16, 2006

*It's Official*

I have moved! my new cyber crib. Won't be posting here anymore so bookmark the new addy: (photoblog, blog on photography, scrapbboking and wifery under one roof). And I must say, I love using wordpress and livingdot. More about that on my welcome entry. See yah over there blog comrades.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

*The digiworld is rockin'*

Oh yes, it can't simmer down just a bit, it's always alive and kicking. Here are more goodie treat which will enlarge your eyes. Brace yourself.


collage5 (Medium)

From digitalfreebies friday freebie, check Jessica's eclectic blog for detail on how to get those textured papers, doodle freebie fun from karen Hunt and last some really cool punch labels from Leah.

collage2 (1)

Doodle is in in. merediths' blog has this one and while I forgot to add picture of it, Nancie Rowe Janits has one too. Misty Mareda has these cool flowers on her blog.

collage1 (Medium)

CT calls: Marcie Reckinger needs CT's and to see how her designs are like I made a collage above of those I liked the best. The first one you can get by going to scrapping garden where they have daily download of bits and pieces of this kit that just started this July.

Corina Nielsen of Plain Digital Wrapper and IOD are calls I will apply to. Now that i am reporting this, I might add more competition, but public service must prevail, LOL. Also from sweet shoppe, both Lauren Grier and Amy Bleser needs CT's. Not sure if I already told you this, but Gypsy chick at ACOt si having a ct call as well. She has funky sweet colors. Stacey from 3 scrapateers is having a call and same with

And remember Dani Mogstad, Meredith Fenwick, Kimberly Giarusso, Gina Miller, Lie Fhung and Ashley Olsen has monthly guest spots too. But since it's July already, you have to wait till next time.

On contests and other stuff, Fishscraps has announced the winner of the awesome stuff up for draw. Scrapbookgraphics also has a contest for their spa kit with details posted on their blog. And also Shabby princess announced that they will soon come up with a free item for this month and maybe a sale for independence day. And in 3 days, the 7th of July, a new edition of the muse newsletter from scrapartist is coming out. And watch Gina M's blog tomorrow as she adviced herself.


collage (Medium)

1-2: A bundled up offer from Trish Jones at PDW, and also her stuff at is 40% off.
3-8: Gina Miller will retire some items and is offering them for 60% off. She even made it easier for us by providing a list in alphabetical order. Sbb is not known to be an easy place to shop, so this comes in handy. I also included some titems I plan to snag along with the bead a licious new additions.
9: CGE has also some offers, check Kim's blog for details
10: Amy Bleser's CT call. Check digishoptalk for a larger image
11: An offer from the sweet dreams hoppe on their opening 4th of July
12: Robin Cabana sale at scrapdish, 40% off on red, white and blue stuff on 4th of July
13: Ad from PDW
14-16: Michelle and Nancie to celebratehow they joined forces creates this wonderful 4th of July kit. This is the new one at 25% off for 2 days. Also they have put in two old kits also at 25% off with independence day theme. Dianne R's 4th of July kit is also 25% off.

collage4 (Medium)

1: From the element team at SBB.
2: Also new stuff from SBB
3: New from Ali Folendore at PDW
4 & 5: The new July Kit with guest designer Dennis Docherty aka Spaceraven at Scrapartist
6 & 7: New Hopscoth kit at 30% off by Dani at designbydani
8: New paper from Shawna Clingerman at NDISB. Discount at her blog.
9: New her cd stuff from Meredith and Kim at SBB
10: Mega kit at PDW for only 8 dollars
11: hand stitched alpha by Tia Benett at 2 peas
12: New from Corina Nielsen. She has such funky colors. I love her style.
13: Charity mega kit from clikchickdesigns

collage2 (Mediuma)

And look at these wonderful papers. 1-3 is from Debbie Knorr, a new designer on Gina Miller's CT. Read her blog for more info and where to find these. And the last I think you know already. This must be my favorite right after wicked garden. I love the sweet colors. It's nothing I've seen from their past works when it comes to color, but they sure put their signature on it with the IOD textures. So at 25% off, get your IOD fix now! Check their blog for their plans to spice up thursdays.

collage (Medium) (2)

And since sunday is designer digitals day, here are some rockin' new stuff.

Other sale; offers 40% off when you spend 5 USD. Ideabooks4u with the generosity of the Pertiet's is giving away a free copy of simple scrapbook magazine with purchase of font and/or book. It's jampacked with sale right now, so forgive me if I forget some. Scrapbook elements has sale on items at the military theme to celebrate independence day, Kathyrin balint at her own store, digital outlet, digital scrapbook place and the dailyscrap to name a few. Its' madness I tell you.


collage2 (Medium)

So PDW opened. I scanned over their stuff and there are some amazing designers and digi stuff over there. Here is what caught my eye. I must say that my fave is Corina Nielsen. I love her dainty flowers and that very creative printer box. Did I mention she is a filipina like me. Aren't we a creative bunch, teehee. Andrea Victoria is too as a trivia.

Anyway, check the blogs of the designerrs of this site since most of them have coupon code. Like Corina, Shawna, Amber Clegg Stacie and Amy Teets.

They are working on a new products feature which is a must have.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

*Info Dumping*

Ok as the title implies I need to dump my thoughts before they short circuit my brain and my notepad. I have enough stuff on my mind, so would be nice to relieve myself of these.

First of all, had a bad mentally worn out day yesterday. No big reason, but it's just one of those days where small gets big, and lots of small accumulated, and besides I get easily frustrated. And I also got a little overwhelmed. Supposedly my cousin, her hubby and son was coming to stay with us for a couple of days starting tomorrow, so with the loads of chores and the little time left, it got me pressured. And clutter at home, clutters my mind as well. I also got an slr which made me want to learn and make 2 blogs about it (things I learn and a photo a day blog), and shop for scrapkits that were for sale, scrap the bunch of stuff I have and other to do things, and washing machine bailing on me again.

Ok so today is a better day. Found out they weren't coming before next week so now I have ample of time now and made a new cleaning plan. The living room is way ahead and looks really neat now. Did some redorating for a fresher and cleaner look. It cleanse my head definitely. Still have the rest of the house, but will make one day per area ao that we can really get in the corners. Hopefully, despite me sitting here and blogging with plans to scrap later, can finish my workplan since I did make some allowance. And another good news, I found out that the washing machine can be fixed for free since we are within 5 years since purchase, so when they open on monday I will call them at once, so I can have clean and dry laundry again.

Enough ranting. I am happy and comfy on this hot summerday wioth my bathrobe in the clean and nicelooking living room. No LO to show this time, but probably a lot on next post.

But I have been reporting sales so much now that I forget to share my buys. just opened and that's why I picked up all of these to get the free 15 dollar worth collaborative spa kit. I am a happy buyer, because these stuff is truly great buys. After the spa, the 2 next is from Anna, 2 next after that from Doris Castle, then Maya's coll weathered treasures with really ncie rusty hardwares, asian inspired kit by Mindy and really lovely kit from Sara Carling (btw, she even emailed to thank for the buy. That's customer service!).

collage (Medium) (3)

For my own overview this is my wishlist to buy later so I don't fall for every sale out there:

1. Some cool stuff from cottagearts, net
2. 2 huge kits from scrapgirls and a curve template
3. Some magnetic poetry from Miss Mint's store and from Katie Pertiet
4. Urban Bohemian from Jen Wilson
5. 2 kits from Meredith's latest urban colour set
6. Some cool brushes from 2peas and a paper set
7. Stuff at fishscraps
8. Some stuff at (Linda GB stationerie and Ida's doodles)
9. Stuff at scrapbook elements from Taran, Anna and Kay Miller
10. Gina Miller's beaded accents
11. Some stuff from Miss Mint, metal like tape and foil
12. Cutie Patootie kit from modscraps
13. Andrea's Downtown Unique
14. 2 of Christine Smith's stamped alpha
15. More stuff at scrapartist ofcourse
16. More stuff at Designer Digitals
17. 2 kits from Julie Mead
18. Amber C's delicate days
19. Stuff from Tracey Lee
20. Doodles from karen Hunt and Sausan
21. 2 of Lynn G's latest kits at scrapbook elements
22. Splotches from Tracy Ann
23. Michelle Underwood stuff
24. 3 kits from Lie fhung and stitches
25. Tagbook and other new stuff from Sweet shoppe designs
26. Kimberly and Holly collaborative kit and For the Girls of Kristy Ann
27. Clipboard from Hetaher Ann
28. Papertear from Steph
29. More fonts
30. Stuff from Dani M.
31. Overlay from Amy jo and scrapgirls
32. Other vintage stuff
33. Halfwits from Mary Fran

Other non kit but scrap stuff related

1. Photoblast actions
2. Amber Ludlow conversions and photoenhancing technique
3. Teya's set 1 actions
4. Some of Panos's actions for sale
5. More actions, can't egt enough
6. Understanding Exposure book
7. Photoshop CS2 books from Deke Mc Lelland and Scott kelby
8. External harddisk
9. Much much later, Macro lens and zoom lens and an 18-200 lens from Nikkor and other SLR accesories
10. Wacom tablet
11. LCD monitor for pc
12. Maybe more RAM
13. Designing with Digital book and other scrapbooks
14. Make a scrapbookalbum for my LO
15. Scrapbook Magazine

and happy news, I have ten subscribers now here. Hope you drop a line sometimes so I know who you are. Would like to know you shophappy people. Thanks for the comment by the way on the previous entry by Andrea Cox. really appreciates it.

collage1 (Medium)

1. Freebie from Amy Martin
2. Freebie from Lisa of Modscraps
3. Balloon freebie from Mari K.
4. Quickpage freebie from Lori Barnhurst as part of her being fetaured at scrapartist for the month of July. her stuff has an introductory sale at 25% off. (Correction: She is a permanent addition to the team, and Dennis Docherty is the guest designer)
5. Freebie from dawn Stocstill
6. Free card from Valerie F's blog
7. A crop event ABC's of me, can't remember where (don't have the original image)
8. Candice Wong sale
9. Dani's Grafitti cd at SBB discounted
10. Opening ad for scrapbookgraphics
11. Kim Christensen sale at SBB
12. 25% sale for Karen Hunt at SBB
13. Winner from Jen Wilson's name that kit contest; baja bliss
14. Some inspired blogs featured like Ali Edwards, Ronna etc.


1. Free Quickpage from Michelle Coleman's blog. There's a
2. Pipecleaner new from KristyANN coming at plain digital wrapper
3. From purescrapability
4. From Deb Fisher

With all the moving around of designers, new sites and 4th of July coming lots of stuff happening. Scrapbookgraphics has reopened and you might snag a great kit for a single purchase of 35 (they also have their own blog now). The kit's really worth it. I love every piece of it. In some hours holly and the gang will also open at plain digital wrapper. Sure there is sale there too and I think those numbers on their fortune might be incentives for the registering who will fall on that number. Sweet dreams opening, guardian peas site (update links soon at the right) that is about charities and , sweet shope has new designers, digichick is looking for more designers and twopeas has new designers in the house.

Elememental scraps had 50% (some sale has expired as I am writing because of the pause in blogging), Nancie Rowe Janitz has a contest on her blog, Ecelectic scraps had a draw for her minikit (forgot to include her new stuff at the collage. Will do next entry. Correction: I did do that last entry. Silly me.), Photoblast at has acontest related to their new set of conversions, has 40% off their new releases and don't forget the friday freebie evry friday, Christine Nash has 30% off her stuff, Carrie Stephens had a surprise at her alpha freebie with savings, Amber Clegg has a coupon code on her blog with preview of her newest stuff (it was updated not so long ago, so will post pics later), Jen Wilson extended her sale with a coupon code on her blog because of problems at SBB (it is actually the slowest loading site and when there's so huge collections there it becomes hellish browsing the stuff), Ali Folendore at SBB has a sale for 50% if you spend 20 on her stuff (she got a blog now by the way) and ACOT is holding a fourth fo JUly sale with the whole store on sale.


collage (Medium) (4)

1: Ange Dawn's new kit at sweet shoppe
2: New from Michelle Coleman
3. Coming soon from Jan Crowley
4. New from Michelle Underwood
5-9: New stuff from Gina Miller and you can even custom order. Info on her blog
10-21: New stuff from Sweet shoppe design. They release every Sauturday now and the have an ongoing sale on their whole shop now
22: New from Kristy Ann
23 & 24: Even more from Sweet Shoppe

collage2 (Medium)

1: New from Dani M at 50% off
2: New paper pack from the IOD sisters
3: Kim Christensen's summer collection at SBB
4: Citrus add on from Robin Carlton
5: Deb F creation
6: free kit at scrapbookgraphics for a single purchase of 35
7-8: From Dani M and Kimberly Giarusso
9: Quarterly assortment from sweet shoppe designs
10: Collaborative kit from Eve and Amanda at guardian peas
11: Addon from theresa Hernandez at ACOT
12-21: new from Digichick
22: Preview from Sara Carling (since this post is late, you can already see it at scrapbookgraphics)
23: Magnetic poetry from Gauchogirl at scrapgirls
24: From Gina Miller, you can custom order, check her blog for details
25: Cute bags from Holly's mom's shop.

colldage (Medium)

Since it's a new month, new freebies at 2peas and new stuff for sale. The first four is the freebies. Still think their kits is too expensive, but their small packs is worth it for 4 dollars. Some of their previews is wrong or too small though.


collage (Medium)

This time I discovered the goodies from Feast your eyes. Ok, lots of stuff coming while I am writing. Will try to write in a shorter interval so you for example can see the new collaborative set from scrapartist wherein dennis docherty has joined in as guest designer. preview of new stuff from Amber Clegg and since it's sunday tomorrow more new stuff from Designer Digitals. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

*Resurrected and loaded*

Sorry for the absence. Now I just have accumulated so many stuff that I am afraid I will forget some of those news without previews. But let's start with the regular sharing of my LO's. Been busy, but had a hard time finishing these. And also I have to emphasize that deleting the prefetch does suchj wonder to the performance. You lose some of your preferences, but it's easy to fix it again.


Credits: Almost everything from Michelle Coleman's Chelsey's dream except for dark brown paper by Dianne Rigdon from Joshua's day in the sun, imperfectly frame stitches by Cristine Nash, Double stitch from Sara Carling's authentic kit, straight stitches from Gina Miller, burlap heart by Gina Cabrera at DDE. hand stamped brush from Michelle Coleman and denim alpha from Katie Pertiet. Fonts used: Book Antiqua, Pretext and Carpenter ICG.


Credits: Brickwall background from Jennifer Tripetti's Play Hard kit, Alpha freebie from Carrie Stephens, Funky flowers from Gypsy chick at ACOT, ricrac from Gina Miller's finishing touches, Antiquefinds card from Michelle Underwood, tag from Summer Whimsy kit here at Scrapartist, Freebie pink flower from Kim Christensen, eyelet from rough n tumble kit by Eve Recinella, acrylic stapled heart from Michelle Coleman's tutti frutti elements pack, staples from Girls Lie too kit by Kim Christensen, picture blended with free paper from Kristy Ann Nerness (free from newsletter) stamped crown and metalcrown accent from Michelle Underwood's crownstamp pack, letter p from Michelle Coleman's new handstamped brush alpha and swirly doodles by Ida (freebie from Fonts: Rebekah's Birthday and Oedipa.


Credits: IOD wicked garden papers, staples, inked edge overlay, tag, tape and paper clip form IOD's essential kit, crochet from Dianne Rigdon's sweet abandon kit, criss cross stitches from Micheel Coleman's tutti frutti pack, ribbon and lopoey trim from Gina MIller's finishing touches, aged notebook paper from Gina MIller, alpha from Mindy Terawasa's treasured kit, and Michelle Pearson's floral brushes as clipping mask for paper. Atomic cupcake crumble and tear action. Free Dagerre action on photo lightened with blending modes. Fonts: Broken 15, Jefferson and Bulky Refuse type.


free (Medium)

1: From amy martin's blog. Chenille accents
2 & 3: Free from Carrie Stephens
4: Doodles from Vera Lim
5: Alpha from Susan Long
6: Freebie at Sandra Boddington's blog
7: From Karen Hunt's blog
8: From Gina mIller's blog with 3 usd off coupon inside
9: New freebie from Michelle Coleman
10: Freebie from Cristine Smith if you subscribe to her blog on her assigned blogfeed service
11: New freebie from Catscrap
12 & 15: Free from the gallery of scrapartist
13: New freebie from Paula Duncan
14: From Brenda Kempf at SBB
16: One of the three free kits from rakscraps newsletter

No preview, but free felt balloon from Mari K, and the usual regular freebie from Designer Digitals.

*CT Calls, Contest and other News*

ctc (Medium)

Here are some CT calls, Jessica Dixon, Vera Lim, Deena Supreme and Digochick is lookingg for added designer. Also Jennifer Layden of elemental scraps is also on the lookout. Plenty of contests and draws in blogs. One of them being Jen's infamous name that kit, and also Nancie Rowe Janitz has a cool contest in her blog. Eclectic scraps has a draw for her new arrows and minikit. Thompson just had a draw for 2 books. Several chats like Andrea's chat tonight 10pm EST at ACOT.

sales (Medium)

Jen Wilson is having yet another sale. Got lots of her stuff at her sale during NSD, and now I will pick up the rest. Sara Carling, Andrea Victoria and Manda Bean is retiring some of their items and has huge discounts. Got a 2scoop from Andrea and Manda, one from Andrea and a kit from Sara Carling. Mari K has a sale at Digichick. Tracy Ann has a huge clearance sale at SBB. Seems like cleaning the stash is the season now. We just had Michelle Underwood, Michelle Pearson and Traci Sims and now Jen and Tracy Ann. Yet another teaser ad from scrapbookgraphics. I am setting aside some of the dough for some news. Plain Digital Wrapper is soon opening. Sure they have a big sale, and scrapbookgraphics ofcourse. Lots of moving and stuff happening at the different stores. Read Robin Carlton's blog for the changes in her sweet shoppe design. New people, some people leaving and new releases only on saturdays like the Designer Digital. Digichick also lost some, and recruting new ones. Michelle Pearson is also seeling digiscrappin. biz. And a new shop will open at 4th of July. By the way, I got a raffle for the benefit of Laura. Awesome prices and good cause. It was 2 when I bought, but now it's 5, but the prizes are amazing and it's a way to help out. Gina Cabrera released an awesome kit at DDE and it's awesome and huge, reduced by 1 USD. has 50% off on their whole store. Last day to get Eve's new kit at 50% off at 3scrapateers. Summer giggles has 40% off again at her shop. Dawn has updated the prices and it's 30% off her newest items at SBB and Modscraps. 40% off Carrie Stephen's quickpages too.

past (Medium)

And here are some stuff that has passed by. Although Nikki also sells at elementalscraps


collage (Medium)

1: The new megakit from Gina Cabrera at DDE. Big kit. Had to have it. It's reduced by 1 USD.
2-8: New stuff from Katie and the gang at Designer Digitals.
9-11: New stuff from Scrapartist
12 & 13: New stuff from Dawn Stocstill
14 & 15: New from Andrea Burns
16 & 17: New from Laura Alpuche
18: New fun kit from heather Roselli
19-21: New from Fee Jardine
22: Preview from Christine Smith's upcoming kit
23: From Traci Sims
24: New preview from Jan Crowley's megakit
25: Preview from laura's ipcoming kit. name her kit and win.

collage (Medium)

1-9: New collaborative kit from ACOT. This is the finest one of the 3 in my opinion.
10: New from Eve Recinella at 3scrapateers discounted till today
11: New from Carrie Stephens
12: New from Jen Wilson to be released soon. Name this kit and win.
13: Preview from Anna Aspnes (probably for the opening of scrapbookgraphics)
14: New from Michelle Underwood, 50% off
15 & 16: New from Amy Teets
17-21: New from Jessica at eclectic scraps
22: New from Kylie Clark at
23: Collaborative project at
24: Not sure of the maker here, will get back to it
25: New at SBB

collage2 (Medium)

1-8: The different parts of Laura's courage kits. You can get them as one package at or get them fromm the shop where the designers of a particular part comes from
9-13: New from Jasbeanie. She just had a 20% sale, so it pays to be aprt of the newsletter,
14 & 15: New from Kimberly Giarusso
16: New stuff coming from Mindy Terawasa (I suspect this will be from
17-23: New from Tracy Ann Robinson. First 4 from SBB and the rest from Sweet shoppe.
24: From Vera Lim /she has her own shop now, looking for ct and plenty of freebies.
25: New from Kelly Shulz at



1-5: From Julie Mead's work, except for the last where she collaborated with 2 other girls.
6 & 7: Cool stitch accents at
8: More accents from Shawna Clinerman at NDISB. She has some cool stamps there.
9: From elementalscraps. 50% off as part of their sale on the whole store.

Ok, I have to catch some breath, LOL. Till next time. Hopefully with not that much interval. Byeee.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

*Block slacker: Guilty*

Never thought I would actually neglect my blog for so long. Thing's are a bit hectic, and there's just tons of info out there now with the digishoptalk boards open and more bloglines subscription. But I have saved all the previews and ads since last time so I will compile them pretty soon, but some might be over already when it comes to sale, and I will try to remember the ones that have no ad for I forgot to take down notes. Be right back then ladies.. For now please check sweet shoppe at the specials section, blog of trish jones for a coupon code, jen wilson's name that kit game with her newest fresh intuition, scrap with nikki sale, cool new stuff at digichick, cool new freebie at catscraps, scrapartist and vera lim design, sale at scrapbook elements, mari K sale at Digichick, Dawn Stocstill's 30% off at her new stuff at SBB and modscraps, Tracy Ann Robinson's massive clearance sale, Acot's new fab collaborative kit, Vera LIm's CT call, clearance center at CG Essentials and Eve Recinella's newest kit at 50% off. Stay tuned till I update this with pictures, collages and more stuff.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

*Fiesta of Goodies*

No LO to share this time, but I have lots of other stuff and finds to share:


colladge (Medium)

1: Free Sample at Fishscraps from Carrie Stephens to celebrate her anniversary
2 & 3: From Leah at her blog
4: From Shawna Clingerman's blog, designer of NDISB
5: From Dianne Rigdon at her blog
6: From Amy Martin on her blog
7 & 8: New uploaded freebies at Scrapartist
9: From Lara Payton at her blog

*SALES and PRODUCTWATCH (and one contest/challenge)*


1: From Meredith Fenwick at SBB
2: Something new coming from ACOT, yet another collaborative kit
3: Light & Sweet From ACOT
4 & 5: New from Gypsychick Designs at ACOT. I got those felt flowers, really funky and colorful
6: Also from ACOT, Sign and Date Stamp Pack
7: New stuff from Dawn Stocstill at Modscraps
8: Sweet new stuff from Lisa Cohen at Scrapatist
9: Sale Ad from Dawn Stocstill at SBB and Modscraps (but can't see it updated yet to sales price) 10: Digitals Scrapbook Magazine old issue at 60% off, PDF Download
11: The newest from Digital Scrapbook Magazine, PDF only, free papers from Micheele Coleman among the goodies
12: From Correen Silke at SBB
13: Included in De-zine's current issue
14: Minikit from Heather Ann, at only 2.99
15: From Shawna Clingerman at NDISB

coswllage (Medium)

Traci Simms is retiring some of her stuff, and offering them for 50% off. Here are some of the stuff I liked among those items.

notetoself (Medium) jcrowleybbpreview

Christine Smith has a pre release sale of her new kit reduced by 25%. She has a paypal button on her blog so you can purchase it directly there.

Jan Crowley's new kit. The animation isn't working since it is resized, but this is huge. It is several kits sin one for an incredibly low price.

Jeanine Bachtold at SBB has sale on some of her stuff. The paper pack is one of those items. Discount is varied.

Also the individual eclectic bytes kits by SBB's elemnt team are reduced by 25%.

Christine Smith also has a hot spot contest with details on her blog. Prize is to chose one item among her stuff at TDC.

And almost forgot, a J-U-I-C-Y coupon code from Dianne Rigdon at her blog for her shop at I got her rococo brush, her sweet abandon kit and also that free sample tile background.


collage (Medium)

collage (Mediyum)

collage2 (Medium)

collage3 (Medium) (2)

collage3 (Medium)

All of these are from Scrapgirls. I just explored their site now and they have lots of yummy stuff and a big collection. What I have showcased here is maybe just 10% of their stuff. I love their colorscheme, and they have so many templates to give your papers a boost, added patterns and texture. Also it's great that they offer singel papers and single elements if you just want that particular item without buying the whole pack.

collasdge2 (Medium)

This is from a German site, Very colorful and funky stuff.

Hope you enjoyed. Till next time.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

*New places and new eyecandies*

First off, as usual, my LO since I last posted.

Daughter of a good friend.

Credits: Background from Meredith Fenwick and pink fiber from Kim Christensen, both from Sundress kit (part of -her cd- collection), Paisley and letter "l" by Kim Christensen from Girls Lie too (also part of her cd) Felt frame, heart, and crochet flower from Gina Cabrerera at DDE, felt flower used as frame is a freebie from Holly McCaig, Patchlike flower and funky flower from Gina Miller and the pink stone is from her byobb kit, polkadot ribbon from Amber Clegg's neopolitan summer kit, pink plain ribbon from Fee Jardine's Appleberry pie kit, lace from Nancie Rowe Janitz' Bleached Linen kit, stitched up button from Jen Wilson, kinda sweet alpha from Gina Miller and vintage girl alpha from Lori Barnhurst. Font is Carpenter ICG.

I tried to scrap more, but I started and it just wouldn't finish, and I didn't even save the progress. I didn't force to finish it. I hate it when I am a perfectionist. It just gets in the way. I posted about that on my dad LO, and it seem like I got the juice back and then off again. Maybe it's because I browse too many inspirations and just gets confused, or maybe it's the large supply of digikits I have now and can't keep track of things. Oh well, hopefully just a phase. I need to scrap faster, because the supply is increasing with an accelerating rate. I just wish the talented designers could take a break designing, and let me scrap. Bad chance of that happening, so instead I bring you what they have been busy with.

Before that, I got some questions from the blogger comment system by lcbannon. The magical brush I used is as I mentioned in the credits, created by Dianne Rigdon. Although you won't find it among her stuff at Scrapartist. She also has her own shop called, or if you have time you can make your own brush using the tutorial from And Karen Hunt's blog is I also googled that myself after someone mentioned she had a freebie on her blog, but it wasn't easy to find. Hope that helps.

By the way, update on my CT status which is still non-existent. Applied for Dani Mogstad and Jan Crowley, and got a negative from both. Ofcourse there is a slight dissapointment of not making it, but I decided to take it well and not get less confident on myself for that reason or think that I suck. Instead I am gonna challenge myself to scrap more and get a bigger portfolio and also to scrap better and constantly improve. I still have so much kits to use from my non ending shopping spree which is till rolling. I just got myself 3 kits from Sweet Shoppe, one of them being free, and some of Michelle Pearson's stuff which is retiring. Also getting some of Michelle Underwood's retiring kit, and some who are on sale, but not retiring. I forgot to tell on my previous posts that the retiring kit is actually priced at 1 USD, and those kits are huge. Lots of stuff. So there, now you know. (I have a collage of some of the items on the post before this)

collage1 (Medium)

And there are more of them. they never seem to stop. Michelle Pearson at is retiring her stuff. She has 11 items there for 1 USD each. She has some great brushes, although you shuld inquire which program they are compatible with. Other designers ususally toss in the png files too besides from the abr, but this doesn't so check it out first.

Other sales news, two of the founders at Scrap Outside the Box has 50% off on their products. Nancie Rowe Janitz also has a new texture pack to add texture to your papers. She has a coupn code on her blog that will entitle you to 25% off, and even a free sample for you to try out.

Summer Giggles has 25% off on her stuff and added 2 new kits. You can see it on the post below this.

Do check out the "specials" link on your favorite shops. Maybe they have new reduced items.

And you still have today to get the free exclusive father's day kit at SSD if you spend 10 USD.

Sarah Jones has a sale, check out below at *FREEBIES and OTHER NEWS*

The individual kits of the eclectic bytes collection is also 25% off. Available at SBB.

And Important: 5 USD for subscription at Scrapbook-bytes. Usual price is 25. its' available till Thursday.


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1 & 2: New from Miss Mint
3: New at SBB
4: Cool stuff from Scrap Outside the Box by Jennifer Tripetti (been looking for mesh since I saw them in 2 LO's lately and this has it, kit's name is Remix: Play Hard)
5: Elements to go with the Copacabana kit from Michelle Coleman I featured earlier.
6: The textures from Nancie Rowe Janitz I was talking about in the sales above
7: New from Sandra Boddington at Sweet Shoppe
8-18: Stuff from Designer Digitals, mostly new. They have lots of new stuff this sunday. Just learned Tia Bennett don't sell her stuff there anymore. I am late with the news.
19-21: More stuff from Scrap Outside the Box, the 3rd is 50% off. Nice jounaling pieces.
22 & 23: Stuff from The first is a kit that you can buy or you can get free if you purchase for a certain amount. More details at their site.
24: New from Sausan at scrap2gether
25: From ACOT by Gypsychick designs. They just added 2 more products as I am writing this. This was their first contribution to the digishoppe at ACOT. You have to check out the 2 new stuff they added. It's a sparlke overlay and really cool flowerfelt. A little different from the felt flowers I've seen. Lots of details and very colorful. I'll add pics on the next post.

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The brushed alpha's from Scrapartist have been a big hit, and is often used as finishing touches on LO's and now Michelle is out with a new one. I bet this will be another hit.


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1: Amber Clegg reposted these neopolitan summer kit add on flowers. She had saved one of them at 72 dpi, but this one has all 3 at 300dpi
2 & 3: Cindy Wickoff has a father's day quote freebie on her blog, and if you use it and give her a link you can get the paper pack
4-7: Thanks to Tyting who has started posting her LO's at Scrapartist, I discovered 3 great Norwegian sites (links to be added on the right side of this blog soon)., and The last 2 offers these freebies I posted pictures of. Number 7 is from catscrap, while the rest is from digi-lo. Since I live herre in Norway, it's fun to discover these sites, because we don't vene have digiscrapping magazine here, buhu.
8-9: Just discovered that digichick has one of their de-zine as free sample, and there is one whole kit there. Their dezine at just 3 USD is great value, because the full kits there are great.
10: Free from Kimberly Giarusso from
11: Sample from Nancie Rowe Janitz of her new product
12: Sale from Sarah Jones Designs
13: Anouncement of the new designers at Sweet Shoppe
14: Free from Traci Sims if you spend 7 USD at her shop, she still has 50% off on 26 clearance items.
15: Preview of things Kim Christensen is working on

And the latest hype; everyone is storming at this new hangout courtesy of Shannon Bieger, You have to go check it out... Everyone wants to be a part of this. It is a friendlier site with just chatting. You can also subscribe and get a monthly free kit for one year.


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Thought I feature Maya of (I had about Carrie Steohens and Scrapbookelements and fonts before). She has some real gems, and on June 39th great changes is coming to her site involving atleast Carrie Stephens, Angela Spangler, Rhonna Penner and Anna Aspnes as I know of, but there is atleast 5 more talents.

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At Freebies I mentioned these 3 great Norwegian sites, and here are some of the stuff I have my eyes on from these 3 places. I especially love the first 2. I think I will explore Haven't really browsed through their big collection, but Holly put in a good word for them, so I am off to check it out.

Nowadays I am loving details and embellishment (especially laces and metal accents (bolts, metal mesh, barbed wire after seing some fab LO's with these stuff), and I am loving the details from the LO's of Amy Martin, Tyting and Cd Muckosky. I still heart Stenway's mom's LO and Michelle Coleman's. Scrapartists has great talents.

I try to make it a point to explore all kind of LO's and I think I want to try freestyle of those I have not explored yet. I don't want to stick to one kind of style. It's great to dare yourself with challenges. Variety is cool.

Hope you liked this edition *wink* Till next time... Stay Tuned.

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